Click to enlargeAMACO Raku Glazes

Cone 010-05. These glazes produce a very dramatic effect when reduced after raku firing. They are recommended to fire at cone 05. All are LEAD FREE. CL- Not for use in grades 6 and below. Decorative use only.

R13 Smokey Blue Pint
r13pintRegular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
R15 Caribbean Blue Pint
r15pintRegular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
R16 Copper Patina Pint
r16pintRegular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
R17 Tarnished Silver
r17pintRegular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
R18 Lustrous Copper Pint
r18Regular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60
R19 Copper Matte Pint
r19pintRegular price: $14.50Sale price: $11.60