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These were developed to fire in either gas or electric kilns. 850 to 859 are recommended to fire to a peak of 1700-1750F. 860 to 867 fire to a peak of 1600-1650F. In general fire from 1600F to cone 06. We only carry the one's listed below and find them to be desirable even if you do not reduce the glaze.


Click to enlarge864 Sunspot Pint
SP864Regular price: $22.00Sale price: $18.70
Click to enlarge880 Armadillo Pint
SP880Regular price: $17.00Sale price: $14.45
Click to enlarge887 Neptune Pint
SP887Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.75
Click to enlarge888 Cassiopeia Pint
SP888Regular price: $22.00Sale price: $18.70
Click to enlarge891 Northern Lights
SP891Regular price: $15.00Sale price: $12.75